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Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
- T. S. Eliot

Australian Contemporary Opera Co. is a place for talented story-tellers - emerging and established -  to meaningfully connect with their audiences.


Through contemporary repertoire and lens, artists of all kinds expand skills and horizons, role and project experience with ACOCO - opening up a world of opportunities in the global opera arena.

Talent development is a life-long task.  ACOCO is committed to being that place where artists find their authentic voice and artistic personality.



ACOCO is not only engaged in creating performances of now, we're setting the bar for the future:  leaving our unique footprint on the path of artists' careers, connecting them with their supporters and audience, and enabling the future of a dynamic performing arts sector. 


Unlocking Authentic Performance with ACOCO's Emerging Artist Program

At ACOCO, we believe that exceptional artistry goes beyond just an extraordinary voice and interpretative prowess. It's about grit, a burning desire to communicate, and embracing the idea that opera is a collaborative endeavor. Every artist's contribution is integral, and individual achievements are celebrated as collective victories.


Track Record

Since 2009, we've been selecting a limited number of post-tertiary (or equivalent) emerging artists to join our esteemed ACOCO Resident Emerging Artists Program. Here, emerging talents evolve both personally and collectively, enhancing their resumes with new roles and repertoire, as well as honing their professional skills.

Guided by Experience

In the spirit of Australian soprano and entrepreneur Gertrude Johnson MBE's motto, "learning by doing," ACOCO's Emerging Artist Program is under the leadership of Artistic Director Linda Thompson and ACOCO creative associates. We offer tuition-free professional development and paid stage experience to young artists as they embark on their professional journeys.

Diverse Artistic Exposure

ACOCO provides invaluable experience to singers by featuring them in leading and supporting roles, as well as offering opportunities to cover (understudy) roles, participate in small ensembles, and shine as soloists in concerts and soiree programs. We also engage other artistic professionals such as conductors, stage directors, designers, and lighting experts to lead and collaborate on exciting and innovative projects.

A Lifelong Commitment

Our dedication extends beyond the program's duration. ACOCO is devoted to supporting and nurturing artists throughout their careers. We welcome alumni back for leading roles in future seasons and guest appearances, fostering a lasting connection with our talented community.

Comprehensive Development

In addition to staged productions and concerts, our resident emerging artists actively engage in coaching, community engagement performances, industry auditions, and master classes led by esteemed artists and industry professionals.

Stepping Into the Spotlight

Our practical program is designed to empower classically-trained opera and music theatre performers to elevate their professional careers. The duration of participation can range from one to three years, depending on individual needs and goals. By the end of their journey, singers will have thrived in a repertory rehearsal, preparation, and performance environment.

Join Our Journey

All our activities are carefully crafted to equip young artists with the skills, stamina, experience, and reputation needed to take centre stage in the professional world. We also provide audiences with the unique opportunity to engage with their creative development and professional growth.

Get in Touch

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us via email.

We're here to support and nurture the future stars of opera and music theatre.


WE are happy to accept expressions of interest via email from professional and emerging artists (CV and URLs to recent videos/self-tapes) at any time. 



We have the capacity to include international emerging artists under a Special Program (Visa SubClass 408) cultural exchange. All costs of visa, travel, accommodation and living expenses need to be covered by the individual.

Plans for 2024 include preparations for a 3-opera, multi-event 10-day Festival of Contemporary Opera and Song in February 2024.  


As well as a secure vocal technique and musical/dramatic proficiency, we're looking for versatility, collegiality, and an openness to doing things 'differently'.

Our staged operas are performed in English as the predominant language of our audience.  ACOCo believes in shaping opera and operatic music-theatre to fit our contemporary place and narrative, with artists in our cohort and our audiences front-of-mind.



(with capacity to be Melbourne-based):

* SEND EOI with links to CV and recent recordings

(please do not send files requiring download or viewing permission)


*SEND EOI with an artistic statement, link to CV and showreel or video samples (please do not send files requiring download or viewing permission)

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