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Fractured Sublime

SEPT 2022

TOP ROW:  Caitlin Toohey Heather Fletcher Daniel Felton Callum Warrender

SECOND ROW: Christopher Hillier Emily Burke Alexandra Amerides Bailey Montgomerie

THIRD ROW:  Alexandra Amerides Genevieve Droppert Caitlin Toohey Heather Fletcher

BOTTOM ROW: Daniel Felton Callum Warrender Saffrey Brown Emily Burke

"ACOCO does it again - another imaginative initiative showcasing local singers.  You'll be amazed at the quality. (Or maybe not, if you happen to know them already.)"



Video Installation
No Vacancy Gallery

If an opera singer performs to camera, and it's not streamed into your lounge room, did they really perform?

'FRACTURED SUBLIME' — a projected video installation experiment at No Vacancy Gallery


Devised as a timely comment on the fractured nature of performing arts in the midst of rampant illness, economic uncertainty, lack of public funding and staff shortages, FRACTURED SUBLIME features eleven exceptional Australian opera singers performing universally acclaimed ‘sublime’ music (Mozart, Händel, Beethoven to camera, and pairs with live pop-up performance. This installation offers a unique hybrid between online and onstage performance for people to come together in a shared experience of wonder and artistry. 

FRACTURED SUBLIME was presented as a video art installation via large projection in the gallery space. Attendees were invited to prop on gallery style benches or move around the space, engaging with the performance on their own terms. No Vacancy Gallery has an onsite café.


"Opera is an art form that traditionally derives its emotional and visceral power from the singular effect of vibrations passed from one human to another.  Separation via a screen undoubtedly changes the experience, but at the same time, enables us to draw focus to the emotional exchange from close up eye contact between performer and viewer."

Taking that face-to-face contact one step further is a 'hot seat’, where an audience member is invited to sit in front of a camera to be both viewer, and viewed. A kind of silent, solo Gogglebox. Random live pop-up performances (unannounced and unscheduled) took place across selected performances.


Director: Linda Thompson

Soundtrack/Arranger: Alvaro Ardila

Video Editor: Greta Nash and Sam Cross

1o exceptional Australian opera singers

Universally-acclaimed 'sublime' music


Mozart, Händel, Beethoven, Wagner and others

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