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“Opera changes...your consciousness, your mental state and your disposition and you come out of that experience with a more creative mindset. You are different afterwards...transformed.”



ACOCO Donor since 2010

Director, German Australian Opera Grant


Financial support from Donors, Sponsors and Partners has resulted in 15 years of innovative, engaging and inspiring stories, shared with over 200,000 people live, and 13M online/globally.

Donors and Partners can be proud of the enduring impact of their investment in ACOCO, particularly in the advancement of careers, and in the future of contemporary operatic story-telling in Australia.

Donors and Partners are at the core of what we do - through our connection we all create scope to imagine, collaborate, commission and present exceptional opera, which in turn stimulates, connects and delights audiences.

From your financial contribution and committed advocacy flows far-reaching benefits and impact - in the repertoire and artists ACOCO strengthens, the people who are enabled to access our work, and development of an organic art form that predates - and will outlive - us all.


Philanthropy is the fuel for ACOCO's growth and sustainability. As an ACNC endorsed charity, with Deductible Gift Recipient and Tax Concession Charity status, you can claim a tax-deduction for your contribution.

ACOCO gratefully acknowledges the generosity and support of its Patrons and onors.


Listed below are Patrons who have given to ACOCO since 2019.

Donor List



Maureen Wheeler AO

Urquhart Charitable Fund

Henkell Family - Australian Communities Foundation

Gertrude Johnson Estate

The Dowd Foundation 

Bill Gillies

Margaret Lawrence Bequest (2020)

L. C. Nash

Amy Poynton, in memory of Patricia Batista

Eric Ormond Baker Fund

Besen Family Foundation

Marjorie & Eduard Eshuys

Jeffrey & Ann Brady

Leanne and Emeri De Bortoli


Michael Anderson & Khoi Bui

Nadia Taylor

Ruth & Tom O'Dea

Amy Poynton


Kathryn Fagg AO (The Incident Commission Consortium)

Jane Kunstler

John & Mary Grant

Millar Merrigan

Jane & Malcolm Steel


Craig Lidgerwood & Stephen Ryan

Margaret & John Dumesny

Prof. Charles Qin OAM & Kate Ritchie

Chin Communications

Barbara & Robert Paterson


Paul Gardner AM

Nance Grant AM MBE & Ian Harris

Irina Kuzminsky & Mark Delaney

Rupert Myer AO

Leanne Kessell

Paul & Gay Rosen

Suzanne Halliday

Lindy Golding

Meyer & Carole Sibbel

Leana Papaelia

Brian Castles-Onion AM

Daniel Todd


Adelaide Greenaway
Adrian McEniery
Amanda Bede
Andrew Donovan
Andrew Gissing
Ann Kemeny
Anna Gifford
Anne Neri
Annette Mackay
Barbara Manovel
Branko Saban
Brenton Carey
Brian Bailey
Brooke Dunnell
Bruce Sims
Carissa Dyall
Cat Mandina
Celia Thompson
Christina Thomas
Clare Purbrick
Dale Simpson
Daniel and Susan Feldman
David & Margaret Young
David Kram
Debbie Sue Brady
Elizabeth Hill
Elizabeth Oley
Ellis Caldwell
Eva Hussein
Ezmerald Gulian
Genevieve Overell AM
Georgia Andrews
Grant Cleary
Helen Donnard
Ian Evenden
Inge Lederer
Irene Crozier
James Robinson
Jamie Moffatt
Jason Catlett  (The Incident Commission Consortium)
Jenny Proimos
Jo Bradley
John Toogood
Karen Gomez
Kathryn Harper
Katy Turbitt
Lesley Hale
Lester Johnson
Liz Nield
Maria Trettel
Marie Therese Jensen
Mary Hemming
Maureen McKeon
Merle Hathaway
Meyer Sibbel
Michelle Thompson
Michelle Williams
Monica Lim
Monica Shanley
Monica Teelow
Natalie Tenaglia
Orlando De Pury

Patricia Stabile Wells
Paul Selar
Penelope Reed
Peter Georgiadis
Peter Newton
Peter Selar
Shiva Faghhinedjad
Snowe Li
Sophie Williams
Spencer Field
Stephanie & Peter Exton
Stuart & Sue Hamilton
Tony Nicholson
Tony Nicholson
Vivienne Twigg
Wendy Wright
William Adam

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