Past Production (Oct 2020)
Kate Kelly
"working with a trio of cinematographers scattered across the southern states of Australia, [Kate Kelly] has had a stunning reincarnation...a sophisticated honest, powerful telling of a quiet tragedy"
- Witness Performance
music by Ross Peter Carey
words by Merrill Findlay
music director - Patrick Burns
director/designer - Linda Thompson
cinematograpy by
Anna Cadden (TAS)
Ehran Edwards (NSW)
Tiana Koutsis (VIC)
editor - Greta Nash
sound - Fergus Nash
Emily Burke as Kate Kelly
Michael Lapiña as Quong Lee
Andrew Moran as 'Bricky' Foster
Thibaud Pavlovic-Hodda - violin
Zoe Knighton - cello
Brendan Toohey - clarinet
Patrick Burns - accordion (digital)
Daniel Felton, Tash Atkins, Lana Lowry
Filmed in Tasmania, New South Wales & Victoria
Presented as part of Yarra Valley Opera Festival 2020 (online)
©ACOCo 2020