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When everything's ready, we will announce the full program for our inaugural 10-day festival on the Mornington Peninsula. Member and Early Bird tickets will be on pre-sale - make sure you're signed up for notifications.

performers covered by a curtain - 'under wraps'

We're keenly focused on enticing you into our festival space, so that together we can share remarkable stories and talent unique to a moment in place and time. Being surrounded by people who have different backgrounds, attitudes, experiences and opinions is fuel to our performing fire. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from, when you're in a room full of people experiencing contemporary operatic storytelling - the pinnacle of creative endeavour of our time - you are making history - yours and others'. Your breath, your reactions, your surprise, your applause - we thrive on that.

If you needed more encouragement to sample our Festival, remember that participating in the arts is good for mental health, empathy and connection, and enhances creative thinking.

ACOCO is loud, imaginative, bold and joyful. Singing all sorts of stories, designed to resonate with you, the world we live in; together, we help craft the future.

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