July 21, 2021 - Announcement


Due to yesterday’s extended lockdown announcement, and considering all our options, sadly it is necessary to cancel two of the four performances of THE ENCHANTED PIG - July 29 and July 31.  The theatre cannot open in lockdown, and we were meant to ‘bump in’ and start rehearsing on stage this Monday.  We are also dealing with the impact of lockdown uncertainty on ticket sales.


We have no option but to wait until next Tuesday’s announcement to know what might be possible for live performance in the 2nd week of our run.  For the moment, August 3 & 5 are on pause, until we have a better idea.


Opening Thursday, July 29
The Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne


A Musical Tale by
Jonathan Dove (composer)
Alasdair Middleton (librettist)
Award-winning Gale Edwards AM production
with costumes by Oscar-Winner Tim Chappel

"Princesses do not marry Pigs.
That's not the way life should be."

Based on Romanian and Norwegian folktales, The Enchanted Pig blends the worlds of opera, music theatre and vaudeville in a joyful, celebration of love in a charming production
by Gale Edwards AM, with costumes by Oscar-winner, Tim Chappel.

The Enchanted Pig is about love. Loud and clear, you hear love is a wonder, love is strange, and love is a drug. It can make you happy, a hero and a fool.  For a Princess in love with a Pig (who is actually a King under a spell), it turns out that love, amongst other things, is a journey of trust, patience and perseverance. Love's story unfolds with the help of the Northwind, the Moon and the Milky Way, in a splendid staging by Gale Edwards and Australian Contemporary Opera Co.

A "dazzling treasure of rolling tunes and spicy lyrics", The Enchanted Pig has appeal across generations. 

Premiering in London in 2006, The Enchanted Pig was set to run for 3 weeks - and was extended for 10, before a season on Broadway in New York.  This new production, by Gale Edwards, premiered to rave reviews at the Yarra Valley Opera Festival in 2019.

With a cast involving leading international and rising professional artists, The Enchanted Pig is a celebration of love and relationships - bursting with energy and joy. 
This revival is led by director Linda Thompson, with Patrick Burns conducting the orchestra.

"Just wow...days later, I'm still smiling"
DS, new-to-opera, in his 60s

The Enchanted Pig - A Musical Tale

The Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne

“Opera, where virtually every single element of art is involved, is unique still. Music, text, literature, movement, dance, ballet, body, history, psychology, light, visual arts…it’s the most extreme, the most real and emotionally powerful form of performing arts.
 - BARRIE KOSKY International Australian Opera and Theatre Director 

“accessible, evocative and profoundly relevant, AS ONE breathes new life into opera...”


—  Stage Whispers

AS ONE (Kaminsky/Reed/Campbell)

Joshua Erdelyi-Götz as Hannah Before, Morgan Carter as Hannah After

Dir./Des. Linda Thompson

The Enchanted Pig - A Musical Tale

The Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne

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