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Aged between 18 and 25 and fancy a free ticket to a contemporary opera?

An Eric Ormond Baker Fund Initiative

ACOCo NeXT Gen Club

If you’re between the ages 18 - 25, Australian Contemporary Opera Co. has a groundbreaking free ticket scheme for you! 

Thanks to the ERIC ORMOND BAKER U25 TICKET INITIATIVE  hundreds of tickets in 2021-2022 are to be made absolutely free to young people. 

“The Eric Ormond Baker Charitable Fund is pleased to be supporting the creative arts sector by providing pathways for the next generation to access wonderful local productions.” - Trustees

Like many arts organisations, ACOCo is eager to open up its performances to a younger crowd, and believe contemporary opera is the perfect vehicle to get young people hooked.


ACOCo Club25 Membership has perks.

If you're aged between 18 - 25, joining ACOCo's Opera Club is great opportunity to connect with young people who want to find out more about opera, a place to ask questions, and to meet some of the behind-the-scenes experts, singers and musicians. We'll invite you to masterclasses, online forums and rehearsals.

Thanks to the Eric Ormond Baker Fund U25 Free Ticket initiative, every new member receives a FREE ticket to a contemporary opera -  as soon as we can do a live performance, you'll be invited!

You can also act as ambassadors for opera, armed with your interesting and fascinating insights!


Opera singers -
a rare breed

Usually start their careers around the age of 23, after a period of intense, elite-level study. There are a few 'voice types' to get your head around in opera, and the range and tonal quality of a voice will usually dictate what roles people sing - in traditional opera, at least.

In contemporary opera, the voice-type boundaries are often blurred or crossed - which we love!

If you'd like to know more about voice types and terminology, this link to the Kennedy Center in the USA is a great intro. >>


Opera means
'the works'

We often only see what is on stage, and it is the performers' job to make it all look easy...

Getting ready to perform an opera takes years! The music (composition) and the libretto (text) are created. The opera is 'written' and orchestrated. A company decides to present it, and then has to find sponsorship or partnership to help with the staging and artistic costs. The singers get the scores and have to learn notes, rhythms, meaning, words - to be able to sing from memory. The conductor gets the orchestration (full score) and has to be familiar with how ever many instruments are in the orchestra - to know their parts and to bring the players together to 'play as one'. The director and set and costume designers work together on the 'concept'. The production department takes the designs, and manufactures or acquires the elements. Meanwhile, every singer and musician is practising, every day.  The marketing and ticketing departments set about selling tickets. And that is all before rehearsals start...

ACOCo U25 Ticket Initiative 2021-2022 is proudly supported by 
Eric Ormond Baker Charitable Fund (Equity Trustees)

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