"opera...moved beyond that slightly scary, seemingly inaccessible, highbrow artform and into the modern cultural lexicon...pretty cool.."

- Rachel Cormack, Concrete Playground

The Handmaid's Tale

Poul Ruders - composer
Paul Bentley - librettist

based on the novel by Margaret Atwood

Australian Premiere - October 2018 - Yarra Valley Opera Festival

Winner - OperaChaser Awards
Outstanding production by an independent company
Outstanding stage direction (Linda Thompson)
Outstanding principal artist in supporting role (Emily Burke as 'Aunt Lydia')

handmaid horiz.png

Poul Ruders - composer
Paul Bentley - librettist
based on the novel by Margaret Atwood


Winner - Outstanding production by independent company 2018 (OperaChaser)

Patrick Burns Conductor
Linda Thompson Stage Director
Joseph Noonan Set & Costume Designer
Greta Nash Film Director - Projections
Dean Sky-Lucas Head of Music / Music Preparation
Jason Crick Lighting Designer

Sarah Heltzel as Offred
Emily Burke as Aunt Lydia
Rose Nolan as Serena Joy
Georgia Wilkinson as Janine/Handmaid
Maria Hemphill as Moira/Handmaid
Karen Van Spall as Offred’s Mother/Aunt
Matthew Lowe as Commander
Raymond Khong as The Doctor
Hew Wagner as Luke
Nigel Huckle as Nick
Wendy Grose as Moira’s Aunt
Kate Bright as Rita/Handmaid
Louise Keast as Ofglen/Handmaid
Naomi Flatman as Warren’s Wife/Handmaid
Yu Lin as New Ofglen/Handmaid
Chloe Wood Handmaid

with Michael Veitch as Professor Pieixoto