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singing our stories of today, and tomorrow...

ACOCo exists to create, connect, inspire and create new experiences with opera that contribute to a thriving, thinking, feeling society.

AOCCo deliberately strives to make our company and productions reflect the diversity of our culture.

ACOCo believes opera is a living art form able to connect and appeal to people from all parts of our society.

Since 2009, collaboration with artists and partners, including multi-media and digital, has delivered award-winning, exceptional festival, regional and mainstream projects.     


In the interests of broadest impact of story-telling, ACOCo productions are usually performed in English as the predominant language in Australia.

ACOCo is driven to:


Harness the power of arts and culture to connect and enrich lives

Reach audiences through compelling performances, new works, a pipeline of local talent and meaningful cultural experiences, including festival and regional activities.


Embrace our multiculturalism through a synthesis of dramatic vocal, musical and theatrical arts

Tell stories of us and of others, nature home-grown talent, provide a platform for international talent, platform Australian identity and community.


Expand social impact through innovation and accessibility

Strategic expansion of production techniques, including digital innovation. Increase capacity for participation and further enhance our international reputation.


Identify and develop Australian content, stories and talent

Develop new work, secure a future for new generations of artists and audience. Act as a critical bridge for artists to connect to the world through Australian story-telling which incorporates the voice and song of our First Nations people.


ACOCo was founded in 2008 as The Opera Studio Melbourne, as a repertory company and a pathway for young artists to gain professional experience in a safe learning environment, and to bridge the gap between university and entering into a professional career. In 2013, we presented our public-facing projects as Gertrude Opera, and consistently attracted awards, attention and reputation for the quality, boldness and imagination of our work, featuring established international and emerging artists, musicians and creative teams.


Over the last 12 years, ACOCo has evolved to facilitate many Australian firsts in opera – including our opera festival which grew to become a 10-day festival in the Yarra Valley – and most recently in 2020, the world first online-only opera festival – in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, to critical acclaim and a Green Room Award. 


For more than a decade, ACOCo has focused on supporting young and emerging artists in the field of opera, and gathering audiences; particularly, those who had not had the opportunity to attend and/or enjoy opera. ACOCo has supported over 170 artists in finessing their craft and become world-class performers - nurturing and developing young Australian artists who then travel and perform in some of the most prestigious opera houses across the world.  Some of our most successful alumni include Stacey Alleaume (Opera Australia), Hadleigh Adams (San Francisco Opera, Los Angeles Opera), Greg Eldridge (Royal Opera, Covent Garden), Jessica Harper (Glyndebourne Festival Opera), Darcy Carroll (Wiesbaden Staatsteater), Na’ama Goldman (Israeli Opera), Sophie Yelland (Welsh National Opera), Li Yang (Hong Kong Opera), Leo Williams (Detroit Opera). Former Young Artists currently singing roles with Opera Australia include Nathan Lay, Blake Bowden, Raphael Wong, Nigel Huckle, Georgia Wilkinson, and Louise Keast.


In our 13-year history ACOCo has produced and performed over 30 works – including new works by Australian composers and multiple Australian premieres. We are a professional, not-for-profit company specialising in the production of contemporary and festival opera.  Our work involves compelling story-telling for our times - embracing multi-culturalism, well-being and arts-activism through synthesis of shared dramatic vocal, musical and theatrical excellence.

"Bravo to all involved. Showing Australia that opera can be contemporary, relevant, theatrically gripping and musically excellent. Stunning work and so much beautiful singing!! Brave choices. Cannot praise this work highly enough! “

 - Bel Canto Review, Sydney