Project Archive

"exceptional...potent and

streamlined...a fantastic

contemporary exploration

and reflection on love"

- Limelight Magazine

"a stunning reincarnation...

sophisticated production...

an honest, powerful telling of a quiet tragedy.”


- Harriet Cunningham, Witness Performance

"an exceptional production"


- Classic Melbourne


"anyone who thinks opera is bombastic and irrelevant hasn't seen [ACOCo's] AS ONE, an intimate portrait of a transgender woman"


- Limelight

"rare for me to rave...the most enjoyable live theatre experience I've had in a long time "


- Dr David Kram AM

"superb production, exceptional talent, excellent performances"


- - Audience feedback

"Electric and acoustic guitars for Gertrude Opera’s rescored production of Verdi’s Macbeth. If you’ve ever listened to opera

and thought it needed more fuzzz pedal assisted wails, this is your chance!"


- M.West

Winner - Outstanding Production by Independent Company 2018

"powerful...effect was spellbinding...exceptional"

- Limelight

"totally of the most exciting, amazing things either of us have ever seen"

-Audience feedback

"wonderful...deeply expressive and harrowing...simply stunning...I have felt opera wasn't my thing but now...I found a new love this week."

- Audience feedback

"thoughtful direction...strong cast...a powerfully poignant interpretation."

- OperaChaser

"the production is lean, the effect compelling...excellent performances"

- Herald Sun

"hip, quirky...all charm"

- The Age

"effervescent...plump simplicity, magical and fantastical"

- Herald Sun

"extraordinary...clever and entertainingly gruesome"

- Herald Sun

"showing people that opera can be contemporary, relevant, theatrically gripping and musically excellent - bravo"

- Bel Canto (Sydney)

"creative skill and energy at its best...a superb show"

- Herald Sun

"it's fun...entertaining and imaginative"

- Witness Performance

"faultless cast...gripping
...included eerie soundscapes which, together with a storm of voices, resonated through the darkness"

- Herald Sun